Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kitchen art

Well, okay, "kitchen art" is a stretch. I haven't completed any of my ongoing projects in the last few weeks. Initially, I was quite sick for several weeks right up to Christmas. When the holidays arrived, I started cookin' and I'm still going. As I type, there are two Turkey pot pies (pictured) in the oven -- an effort to get rid of the remaining leftover turkey. And tomorrow I'm making my favourite chili which is usually a big hit. After that I'll be less cooky, more arty.

I did want to point out a great art blog that I might get involved with in the new year. Different Strokes From Different Folks (hosted by painter Karin Jurick) encourages anyone to accept the challenge of getting a photo from the blog, making art based on the photo then uploading a pic of the final result. Then you get to see how a wide variety of people interpret the subject through whatever medium they use. Photos vary widely: old shoes, city landmarks, etc. For the final event of the year, each participant uploaded a mugshot of themselves and received a mugshot of one of the other participants to paint.

How cool is that? 

Answer: Very cool.

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