Monday, December 1, 2008

Dark Santa

I finally finished the Dark Santa linocut I've been working on. 

What the heck is Dark Santa you ask?
Well if you liked Dark Knight and you're also partial to Santa, what's not to love about Dark Santa? Tired of the empty threat that is the naughty list, Dark Santa instills fear into the hearts of naughty-doers everywhere.

I'm fairly pleased with the print although there were a few issues I wish I'd handled differently. It's a two-colour reduction linocut which means the second plate (black ink) is cut from the first plate (red ink) so once you start cutting the second plate, there's no going back. Unfortunately I didn't print enough from the red plate to start with and while printing the black, had some registration problems so in the end, I only had six prints I was happy with.

They're available in the shop.

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