Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I don't know if anyone's noticed my links list or not but I'm adding to it regularly. I call them "Art Links" but most of them are actually "Painting-a-day" bloggers who I've become enamored with lately. In fact, I think they are the reason I wanted to start the Doodlepalooza blog. I don't feel ready to commit to a painting-a-day but I really like the idea of creating something everyday. And the blog is a constant reminder to myself that I should be doing something better with my time. Maybe I could start a less committed movement. Maybe "Sketch-a-week" or "Doodle-thrice-a-fortnight" or "I-used-to-draw-a-bit".

Anyway, a painting-a-day blogger named Jeff Hayes best describes the concept and origins if you are interested:

Pioneered by Duane Keiser (with a special nod to Kevin Macpherson's Reflections on a Pond project), the discipline of producing one new painting every day has become a phenomenon embraced by dozens of artists worldwide.  While very few of these artists produce a new painting every single day (I take weekends off, for instance), disciplined regularity is clearly the goal and essence of this practice.  Typically small in format - 6"x8" or less, these paintings are offered for sale online at the artist's website or through eBay, often for starting prices of just $100.  This lively niche of the arts world allows artists to experiment, develop, and just have fun outside the confines of large-format works.  The collecting public is also recognizing that these often stunning little masterpieces are a tremendous way to build their art collection.

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Jenne said...

Those oddments are crazy! the "still life" make me feel like i'm in a room with dwindling air supply - there is something taxidermical about them no? What a great concept. Even the marbles look suspiciously poisoned. :) I could watch his videos over and over. Watching the jab and flutter of that paintbrush...?

And I would love to see 365 paintings of the same pond. As long as I could see the real pond at some point too. :)


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