Monday, July 27, 2009


Sometimes the drawings for the paper served simply as illustrations and not cartoons. Like this for example.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wonky weather

This one never actually ran in the paper at any point... can't remember why. It was regarding the closure of the weather office in Gander... the only one in the province. After much public outcry, it was reopened. But our weather didn't get any better.

Saltwater Cowboy

Rustlin' icebergs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cash landing

This one accompanied a story on the money spent here by the American military when they stopover in St. John's.

The Optimist

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More aliens

I presume this went with a story relating to the kerfuffle over the Memorial Dominion store development back in 2005. A bit crudely drawn but it made me laugh.

Newfoundland abduction

How do you illustrate a UFO sighting in Newfoundland? Like this of course! This was my first cartoon for the paper. Truth be told, it was the first cartoon I ever did. When the editor asked me if I could "do that sort of thing" (cartooning, not abducting) I said "You bet!" and forged ahead.

Silly season

Oh, poor blog. So neglected.

I don't feel one bit bad about though. I decided a few months ago that that guilt and stress no longer have any place in my life. And I've got to say, it's been a good couple of months.

So, in the summer months I think blogging will have to go on hiatus while I'm pursuing activities of a more summery nature. On the upside, the garden's coming along nicely. The veggies are growing like crazy, the raspberries are just about ripe and my first landscaping project for the year is underway. Maybe I'll do few posts on that.

Everything's good.

I've got a few little art/doodle projects underway but nothing to share yet.

Back when I was working in newspapers, my buddy always referred to the summer months as the "silly season". It's the time when the news seems harder to dig up because the newsmakers and those connected to the newsmakers all seem to be on vacation. I suppose that's why the traditional media outlets resorted to "Great Summer Reads" sections and the like. I guess this newfangled internet is changing all that too.

Anyway, I thought instead of ignoring the blog in the coming months I'd post some old cartoons from the paper. Oldies but goodies. Well okay, they're not bad. Oldies but not baddies. I'll start with the first couple I ever did. Some of them may need explaining as they originally accompanied stories.

Happy silly season.


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