Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Imagine... rejected

The annual Arts and Letters Competition for Newfoundland and Labrador is quickly approaching and I found out today that my entry (Imagine) will not be shown this year. :( I was disappointed as it's one of my favorite pieces. Not to mention the most labour-intensive linocut I've ever produced.

The judge(s) provided me with more detailed notes than I normally get so that was nice. They clearly put some thought into it and made some valid points:
  • "Depiction of flowers is good and expressive. A nice contrast with the blockiness of the mosaic."
  •  "A bit symmetrical, makes the image static, not enough energy"
  • "Image needs a greater sense of diversity, a sense of chance"
  • "The image is confined and stifled by grey border"
  • "Good strong shapes around edge"
  • "Good energy pushing from the center outward, but that could be taken further."
There's always next year. In the meantime, it's available in my shop.

Image size: 11.5" x 8.5"
Paper size: 14.25" x 11.5"
Edition: 12
Linocut; White ink on black paper

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Greg said...

Interesting ...and sorry this didn't get any further.

I've been a judge at the Arts & Letters in the past and it was great experience to watch and participate in the process of three people from three disciples discuss a room full of art. The first cut generally comes pretty quick but then the fun starts as adjudicators/artist start to fight for their favorite and do some serious horse trading to ensure their favorites get to the final.

As a judge I learned a lot about art myself.




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