Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eastern Health cartoon

This is my latest for

For those of you not from Newfoundland, the province has been rocked in recent years by a scandal within out government health services. Improper breast cancer screening over the course of several years caused some people to needlessly have mastectomies while others who needed them, didn't get them resulting in numerous unnecessary deaths. This week, the Cameron Report was released and assigns blame to all levels of Eastern Health. The government seems content to have the same people who contributed to the problem, fix the problem. I think (and I think others would agree) that heads should roll: clean house and give them a budget that will help keep people safe. I'm normally a big fan of our premier but when poor government services and budget cutbacks result in multiple deaths, then maybe it's time to reconsider who's in charge.

The cartoon is digital, largely completed in Illustrator with some Photoshop work to finish it off.

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Jenne said...

My dad thought the problem had to do with poverty. People who are unqualified are being hired to "supervise" labs...and that is rotten to the core. It's like hiring an inspector who doesn't actually know how to inspect.

I worry that this horrible calamity will be used as an excuse to shut down medicare and create a system that only keeps rich people healthy. :(


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