Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rodin's robot

The original looks a lot better than the scan, I think. I used a brown ink which is not very evident and the yellow is more saturated than the original. Ah, well. Can't blame the scanner for everything: I also put " '08 " on the dateline. Bah. How many doodles will prematurely become last year's news before I get used to another new year? Too many.

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Jenne said...

My sister's first film was about Hugo Ball, a New York city performance artist who used to stand on street corners in a robot costume and recite jibberish robot-sounds.

Sara's film was called "machine machine machine" about a robot who falls in love with his toaster...but then one day he's walking over a little bridge and notices someone has flung a computer into a nearby screen. This sends the robot into a crisis and he runs into a nearby park and he lies down on the grass and looks at the clouds. It was a silent film, but the sound track was music made from a saw. I forget what you call that. But it was whiny and hilarious. Man that was a long way to say - kool doodle dude keep em coming.


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