Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best Intentions

A bit like Cupid, I have the best intentions when I make these cartoons. From conception I think it's nothing but hilarious. But by the time I get to the end of the process hours later, I look at it and wonder "Is it funny or is it just weird?" The whole point of these are to get people to have a laugh with me so I hope that's the end result. If so, cards are available.

Everytime I post, I get a little more annoyed at this Blogger interface. Why do I have so much trouble uploading pix? Why is formatting text so troublesome? Why is it that Blogger's post window is the only place of my working world that I can't use copy and paste key commands? Is it just me? Am I a blogger nincompoop? (Don't answer that last one.)

I was told that once I dip my toe in the blog pool, I'm probably going to want to switch to Wordpress. From what I understand, Wordpress will allow me to incorporate the blog into my own site and give me more control. I'm all about that. I might check into that this week. Of course, I'll have to develop my own site first. 



Anonymous said...


Jenne said...

is it wrong that i think this would make a great valentine's day card? he he i think it's great. made me think immediately of this horrible blind date i went on with two guys at once. needless to say i didn't know it would pan out that way. one of the weirdest nights of my life. getting fixed up with people is WEIRD. no way around it. :) great cartoon!

Greg said...

Blogger is crap for anyone with a shread of design desire. A "blog" software is very restrictive. It has to do with the " content management" priority.
Wordpress is much better.

I use a commercial server side software for the blog part of my site called Blogware.

You'll want something where you can make galleries of your work and maybe an ecomm module.

...lots of ways to do this.
This past year I think I've evaluted every blog, CMS and Dreamweaver template or software on the market.

Remind me next week and I'll get you a few resources.



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