Friday, January 18, 2013

Prints for sale

I started making prints available in my Etsy shop over the last few days. I’m excited about the inclusion (probably more than I should be) for two reasons. 1) I’m reviving paintings that have been sold for some time and 2) the shop now has lots of inexpensive items for people to choose from.

Most are a 6" x 6" image on 8" x 8" sheet printed on Canon glossy photo paper with Canon inks on a Canon printer. No, I’m not a spokesperson for Canon... just trying to express that the prints are of high quality and should last for many, many years (a hundred if you believe the ink packaging spiel).

Most of the prints added so far are still life images. There will be more to come. In fact I intend to put a renewed focus on getting better photos of my paintings when they are finished and adding each one as a print from now on.

I’ve ordered various mats in the last few days so the prints will eventually be packaged with a pre-cut mat, a foam core backing board and polybag. Will also be using this packaging for my linocut prints as well.

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