Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chalk pastels test run

Finally got a chance to try out a set of chalk pastels my friends gave me for my birthday in the fall. I used one of my Trinity photos from last summer which I'm thinking about painting.

It was a different experience from paint. I immediately regretted taping off a small space. Even more than paints, I think pastels need a big space as details are difficult to achieve with the big chunky chalk pieces. I didn’t end up with the image I had in mind but it was a good first effort with this medium, I think. I’m happy with the foreground.

I used painter’s tape to frame the space. I’ve read that some people swear by it and others hate it. It seemed to work fairly well but did pull up a little paper here and there when removed. If anyone can recommend something better, I’d appreciate it.

Got a bit of fright when I applied the fixer... everything went very dark. Thankfully the tones came back around as it dried.

Another thing I learned is that I’ll need to vacuum the space before I paint again... lots of coloured dust and bits all over my easel.

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