Sunday, February 22, 2009

Old Bull Lee

An old friend of mine dropped by the house today to pick up an "Old Bull Lee" print (thanks Mike!). Made me realize I've been ignoring my linos... both on the blog and on the cutting bench. I should really get back at those.

Old Bull Lee is the name used by Keroac when referring to William S. Burroughs in "On The Road". I was a big fan of the beat poets at one point in my life so they tend to show up in my work now and then. The original series has since sold but there are still a few proofs left in the shop.

Old Bull Lee
2 colour reduction linocut
4" x 6"


Sheila said...

I love lino prints. This image with the suit and hat really emphasizes the vintage look these prints can have. Yes, do more please!

r garriott said...



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