Saturday, February 14, 2009

Exploseph Joseph

Here's a little diddy I did for Janet: a portrait of our boy, Joey. (Can you tell we don't have kids?) He's not nearly as exploseph as he once was but every now and then he bounds about like a puppy, forgetting that he's an old man with bad hips and foggy eyes. 

I was pretty pleased with it... it's a good likeness I think. There's a few flubs but I'm trying not to focus on them.  I did a rough sketch then did the watercolour background. After that I inked it. I do love crosshatching. I'm a little impatient with it but sometimes that adds to the energy of the piece. Other times it just looks sloppy but I think it worked here. I'm a big admirer of artists like Edward Gorey. And in the Newfoundland scene, Boyd Chubbs.


Sheila said...

I love Gorey too! Not familiar with the other but I'm always learning and am going to check out his work.

Love the Joseph....lucky lucky dog.

Jenne said...

Aw this almost brought tears to my eyes. Sweet Joey. Holy Smokes you've really captured him!

John Andrews said...

Thanks Sheila and Jenne! My wife loved it... I gave it to her on the weekend.


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