Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Age of the Paper

I came across Félix Vallotton's ‘L’âge du papier’ on my Tumblr feed the other day. I'd seen his work before but this one stuck. I guess I was feeling sentimental about newspapers. I spent 12 years in the newspaper industry. I don't think I'll ever work there again, but I do miss it. I think the inky smell at the plant gets in you. And lingers.

Vallotton's image (see below) is an etching. Mine is soft pastels on paper (above). Approximately 12"x13". The soft pastels are chunky... probably the wrong medium for such an image. Tough to get fine detail. It's a bit rough but I'm happy with it. Colours are Van Dyke Brown and Naples Yellow. I simplified the background at the top. And added some puffins. :) Can't wait to hang it in the house.

Félix Vallotton, ‘L’âge du papier’, published in Le cri de Paris, 23 January 1898

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