Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red Unravelled, poured paint abstract

It's been a while since I've poured some paint. Had a hankering for it lately and this is the result from Monday evening. It's not exactly subtle... has quite a bit going on actually... but I'm happy with the result. There are several patches of crazing on each panel which was unexpected considering the amount of pouring medium I used. I like the look of it. Letting it fully dry for a week or so before putting a coat or two of varnish on it.

I love taking the time to look at the details of each panel, letting my brain try to make sense of the chaos... eventually faces, creatures and landscapes start to emerge. Although I can't wait to hang this one in the house, it's certainly for sale! I'll post it in the shop soon... if you don't see it, message me for pricing/availability.

Red Unravelled
Poured acrylic on three canvas panels
Total size 48"x 24"

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