Sunday, June 2, 2013

Walrus study

I started this walrus a few weeks ago. Last night I had another crack at it. Went a bit crazy with the purple which is not realistic but I’m liking it nonetheless.

I’ve got a large piece in mind for this character so this is essentially a small study to help me get sense form and colour. And it’s still in progress. Among other issues, his snout is still a bit wonky which is causing problems with his lower lip and tusks. Poor fellah.

In line with my personified puffins, I’m imagining a burly, Victorian barkeep behind the bar cleaning glasses or pulling a pint. And with a fat handlebar moustache, the size and shape of his snout. So that might be the next big painting.

Below is another progress shot from the very early stages when I was just blocking out the shape. It isn’t pretty, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?


Kyla Hynes said...

This is a very cool painting! I like your puffins too!

John Andrews said...

Thanks Kyla! Having a bit of fun with animals lately. Thanks for stopping by!


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