Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Storage for paintings

So my next little project will be to assemble a cabinet for storing paintings. Right now my basement looks like an art gallery exploded. I’ve got the lumber (thanks to my wife!). And I’ve got this detailed plan (see above).

Okay, so it’s just a doodle. It’s a start.

There will be more shelves/compartments added once I get the main frame assembled. Can’t think that far ahead right now.

Once it’s finished and blocked with paintings, I can drag it up to the top of my street, climb on top and ride it back down to my house (note the wheels (see above)). My neighbours would all be very impressed. I imagine there will be lots of smiles, handshakes and backslaps.

I should probably put some flames on the sides.

Okay, that last part I probably won’t do.

Flames would be cheesy. Stripes maybe?

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