Sunday, June 5, 2011

Printsy interview

There's been little painting or printing these last few weeks.

I'm installing baseboards in our house. The baseboard work snowballed, of course, into replacing all the baseboard heaters at the same time. I would normally be inclined to pay someone to do these things for me (especially the electrical) but getting someone in for a quote, let alone do the job, seems next to impossible. And our last few contractors did very shoddy finishing work. So I'm all about the DIY these days. It's satisfying work but it eats up my free time.

There is a an art to baseboard installation but I don't think I'm at that level yet. Thank god for caulking. And YouTube.

Anyway, there's a few bits of news to report.

First of all, Printsy (Printmakers of Etsy) has an interview with me on their blog this week which I'm very excited about! Thanks Diane!

As well, I've got a painting in a show! The QE II Library at Memorial University has a show every summer  open to faculty and staff. "Salon Des Beaux Arts" opened a few weeks ago and runs until mid-August. Thank you to Joanne Costello and Stephanie Williams for curating a really wonderful and diverse collection. If you're in St. John's, it's definitely worth checking out... 60 pieces by 35 artists!

Also, my ego and pocketbook wish to say thanks to my friends Vanessa, Katherine and Mark who purchased some of my paintings in the last month.

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