Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is my contribution for Illustration Friday this week ("Detective" theme). It's my first linocut in a few months; I was happy that I was able to turn it around in a single sitting. Pleased with it overall but, as is the way with linos, there are always a few cuts I regret. I'm too tired to do any serious printing with it right now... I just knocked off a couple of quick prints to see what I had.

No great story behind the subject I'm afraid... just some anonymous Victorian guy I found on the interweb. Although he does have a bit of a Watson thing going on.

4" x 6"


heidi aldin said...

This is great, love all the smoke.

John Andrews said...

thanks heidi!

tanja said...

heh heh, love his whiskers and the way you've cut everything away for the smoke cloud.


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