Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still Life: Oranges

I picked up a couple of small canvases on sale the other day and thought I'd have a go at some smaller pieces. Managed to finish this one in two sittings; about 3 hours in total.

I'm not pleased with the reproduction on the blog here. I've been trying to shoot everything with either our little point-and-shoot (very limited manual settings) or scanning them. I'm afraid I can't get an accurate shot of this -- or any of the oils -- with either device.

I've been threatening to get a new camera for a while now... might be time. Can anyone suggest anything? I'm thinking a small mid-range (not pro) Nikon or Canon SLR under $500. Something that can supply trustworthy colour and fully manual control. Rebel? EOS? Hmm.

My no-longer-trusty Sony Cybershot is now nine years old... not a bad run for a digital camera. I miss my old K-1000 but I can't handle the darkroom chemicals anymore.

oil on canvas
10" x 8”

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