Sunday, December 13, 2009


If I were an astronaut, this would be me.

Illustration Friday's theme-o-the-week: "Hatch".

(Patent idea: "Key in a Comet". Much like the spare key in a fake rock concept, but for astronauts. Genius.)

This one very nearly never came about. As I was inking the chin, the nib of my pen decided to belch out the entire load of ink. I either had to find a creative solution or start again. Being the lazy man that I am, he now has a beard.


paula said...

Ha ha! Yeah, it'd be me, too. I like your slant on "hatch". Well done!

Art Fan Ako said...

Came out great!

Da Wife said...

I think the beard is very natural looking. in fact bearded men everywhere thank you for elevating thier image all the way up to space!
Oh, and the key gag was very funny too.

Bego said...

ha ha ha! fantastic!


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