Saturday, November 7, 2009

More chicken pixels

I've been fooling around with Painter IX today, trying to figure out if it's worth learning to use. I probably should have cracked open the paints and used one of the many blank canvases I've got lying around but I can't resist multiple undos. I enjoyed the process. Being able to backtrack is great but navigating the controls seems to really limit spontaneity. But I'm sure it'll get easier with practice.

1 comment:

theBictor said...

Great chicken... you using Artist Oil varients? Painter is def. worth learning to use. I'm still in the process, but it should come fairly natural to you if you are used to photoshop. Yes the unlimited undo's can be tempting, but beware... it can drastically slow your creative process. Flattening the image multiple times throughout the process can help balance that out though.


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