Monday, November 24, 2008

Blog noob

Since I became under-employed a few months back, I been thinking about developing a professional website to serve as a portfolio for my print design work. I had a gander at my (now defunct) site and frankly, I wouldn't want anyone to see it. By current internet standards, my home page from five years ago looks and feels like a musty Victorian tome. 

Unfortunately, the new site is still in development stage and won't be up anytime soon. I'm pounding through the "Flash for Dummies" book and meandering in the latest version of Dreamweaver, trying to reacquaint myself with web development. I started doing corporate websites 10 years ago but gave it up to seek my fame and fortune in newspaper design and layout. As Service Canada can attest, that career path didn't pan out like I thought it would.

So now I'm looking for work, doing a little freelance, upgrading my skill-sets, and getting back into drawing and painting. And, apparently, starting a blog. (Lord knows the internet needs another one.)

This will probably be the longest entry on the blog. The point of this space will be to post doodles, sketches, linocuts and paintings. Doodlepalooza is a spin-off of my Etsy shop Linopalooza where I've been selling linocut prints since March of this year. And, yes, I will use this space to shamelessly self-promote my wares.

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